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Anticipating a visit from the Easter Bunny in your home soon?

Know someone starting a family?

“Bunny Letters” is more than just a book. It’s a special night before Easter tradition which will result in a priceless keepsake of letters to the Easter Bunny. Told in the style of another famous tale, introduce your child to the magic of the Easter Bunny’s visit. Complete with help to get started, this book would make a great gift for anyone experiencing the joy of the Easter Bunny’s arrival for the first time. Teach letter formatting and writing skills in a fun, new tradition for any family. Capture a piece of the magic and watch the letters evolve over the years as your child grows from a young toddler who can barely hold a crayon, to an older child who writes a lengthy, heartwarming letter. Complete with templates to organize and care for each year’s letter, let this precious book be the start of chronicling the childhood wonder of this annual spring event.


Great as a baby gift or an Easter surprise for any young child, let “Bunny Letters” be an easy guide to start a new family tradition.

Bunny Letters

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