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- Melanie Salas, Author -

With a degree in elementary reading, Melanie believes there is something simply magical about the combination of illustrations and the written word.  Throughout her years as an educator, she had the honor to watch children develop a love for reading by finding the right book to connect with.  

When Melanie started her own family, she made a hard decision to leave the classroom. She obtained her real estate license and found success in the industry using her strengths that she developed as an educator…. compassion, empathy and ability to connect with others.  This led Melanie into leadership which provided her with the opportunity to blend her love for education and development with her real estate experience.  Over time, she found the power of storytelling.  Storytelling allowed Melanie to relate to those that she led as well as to flex a muscle that she so dearly missed from her days in the classroom. This opened up the creative floodgates to put all of the thoughts running through her head onto paper.  Being able to marry her passion for leadership with her love for stories, has allowed Melanie to grow and develop professionally and personally in ways that she will be forever grateful for. 

Melanie’s stories are more than just books. They are heartwarming traditions ready to be started and passed down for generations to come.  As the owner of Golden Crown Publishing, Melanie has been blessed with the ability to share her passion for family with others and hope that a little bit of the magic will bless your family as well!  

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